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Felipe Ortiz - Mural painted with Rosco materials copy.png

Fresco Exchange aims to bridge the creative gap between Latin American and U.S. culture around art. We work with artists making waves at the intersection of studio practice and street art to enhance artistic opportunities, share methods of cultural expression, and inspire communities with new ways of creative thinking.

Partners and Collaborators

Featured Projects

Beyond Walls
Street Art Festival 2019

We are so thrilled to kick off our 2019 festivities in the US with the Beyond Walls Street Art Festival in Massachusetts! Together, four artists and organizers brought Fresco’s community approach to the city of Lynn, MA with youth workshops, murals, and of course, BBQs with the locals. Learn more about our plans for 2019 adventures here!

Public Art Tour 2018

Last fall, Colombian muralists traveled to the US to participate in urban art projects, pop-up exhibitions, and community workshops on both the East and West Coasts! The adventure is recorded on our blog so you can all follow our murals and events.

Featured Artists: 2018 ROSTER

FEATURED MURALS: Muro al Barrio Project


Our friends and partners from Colombia’s Fundación Culata lead artistic interventions to improve social and living conditions through the practice of public art.  In 2017, the collective launched the “Muro al Barrio” project in Cali's El Piloto neighborhood to revitalize, connect and honor the community.

(Artwork shown here is by Melissa Angel, Diana Zue, Rito, PuroAmor, Nativa, Ivan Salazar, Respo1, Gomas CVLI, Felipe Ortiz, and Percy Fortini-Wright.)


Global Arts, Eats & Beats

Footage of our exhibition at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston, Massachusetts during this celebration of Latin America to open hearts and minds across borders and cultures.