2019 USA Public Art Tour

Fine Art of International Muralists | Volume 5

In Spring 2019, we teamed up with our friends at Gráfica Mestiza, an alternative creative platform across cities in Latin America, to curate our next collection of fine studio art from Colombian muralists. This year’s curation unveils overlapping narratives of native Colombian experiences. Artwork representing indigenous culture is reinvented in striking, modern tones, while imaginary creatures share societal metaphors through their one-of-a-kind creativity. Female artists team up to share collaborative messages, and of course, the collection is connected by elements of vibrant nature that make Colombia so uniquely enchanting. Together, this artwork weaves a story of life in modern Colombia, and we’re grateful to each artist for their participation.

All artwork is for sale through 2019. 

Questions? Please email frescoexchange@gmail.com

GUACHE @guache_art (Bogotá, Colombia)

GRIS ONE @grisone (Bogotá, Colombia)

DAST @dastuno (Bogotá, Colombia)

IIOOSS (Bogotá, Colombia)

YURIKA @yurikamdc (Bogotá, Colombia)

APAZ @apaz.co (Cali, Colombia)

SOMA @somadifusa (Bogotá, Colombia)

MESEK @gabrielmesek (Cali, Colombia)

ZOKOS @zokoslab (Bogotá, Colombia)

SANCHO @sancho_medina (Cali, Colombia)

LETOP @mundoletop (Cali, Colombia)

DIEGO SALAS @diegosalas_d.s (Cali, Colombia)

WOSNAN @wosnan1 (Bogotá, Colombia)

FELIPE ORTIZ @felipeortizart (Cali, Colombia + Boston, MA)

MALAJUNTA KLAN @malajuntaklan (Cali, Colombia)
— 12 Female Artists: Canelita / Cora / Teca / Nandy / Violenta / Rito sin sermones / Angel / Antonia Otoya / Jho / Ionic / Negreti / Solvey)