Fresco Exchange aims to promote and connect artists on an international scale. The exchange is fueled by the notion that art can serve as a tool to travel, learn, and experience new cultural settings, as sometimes political borders can present difficulties for individuals to travel between certain countries. We encourage and select artwork through a curated process to participate in gallery exhibits across collaborating cities. We also aim to host artists from different backgrounds and work to establish a relationship where individual artists can contribute and participate in locally organized public art projects, including murals, workshops and presentations. 



Participating Artists

Adam O’Day

Apaz Pala Calle

Charlotte Maker

Christina Woodward

Dave Tree

Diego Salas

Felipe Ortiz


Ivan Salazar

Jeffrey Ellse

Jorge Niño

Juan Pablo Solarte

Kyle Bryant

La Rue


Luti Castro

Mark Corbett


Oscar Arango

Percy Fortini-Wright

Sarah Kinne

Sebastian Medina

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